Strawberry Flavored Noms
Oh “Deery” Me

Man oh man have I ever been distracted~. My friends and I have been on the biggest Guild Wars 2 kick and it has been a blast, sadly it means I been nowhere near SL the last some-odd days, but I plopped on today so…yay! 

I’m not a Gor person personally, but I do like some of the outfit creators out there, I put this outfit together around the Deer dress I got from May’s Soul, granted it’s for a more openly naked look BUT it works well with modern looks as well, along with many other Gor based pieces out there!


Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: Milana- Dunne- Blondes (Piggies removed)

Eyes: Dead Apples- Nebula- Blue

Makeup 1: My Uglydorothy- Lovely Liner- 05

Makeup 2: Chelle- Everyday Blush

Makeup 3: The Sugar Garden- Angel lips- Orange Crush

Makeup 4: Eyelure- Pucker Pout Gloss- Red 2

Collar: G Field- Silky Charlotte- White

Ribbon: Jane- Bella Bow- Truffle

Shirt: Umi Usagi/Rabbit Kiss - Angelic Gothic

Straps: Enelya’s Creations- AnDreA- Nude

Dress: May’s Soul- Kaoru

Pants: The Sea Hole- Pussy Pushers- Mink

Socks: Rotten Toe- White Stocking

Shoes: Katat0nik- Kita Mary Jane- White

Ears: C H I M E R A freebie

Tail: Mutation Industries- Cat Person- Black

Hands: The Sugar Garden