Strawberry Flavored Noms
Bust a, Bust a, Bust-a-Groove!

  First off I hope everyone’s Holiday was a great one. Mine personally, wasn’t on the best side of the list, but that is ok.~


So tonight I was sitting about looking through my inventory, I stumbled upon my white kitten jammies from Intrigue Co. and suddenly got hit with the realization that the Hood resembled Kitty N.   For those of you that did not play with the Original playstation Kitty N was a character from and old beat game called Bust-a-Groove who’s theme song in fact matched the name of the game! I had to make a few creative differences with my limitations, but here is the result!

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: LaViere- Momo- Mint

Eyes: Sugarpill- iShard- Blue

Makeup 1: My Uglydorothy- Lovely Liner

Makeup 2: Chelle- Everyday Blush

Makeup 3: The Sugar Garden- Angel Lips- Orange Crush

Hood: Intrigue Co.- White Kitten Jammies

Suit 1: GRAVES- G327 Paradox- White

Suit 2: Fute- Leather Catsuit- Pink (modded)

Gloves: Kojima Industries- Hardsuit addon- white

Boots: Epic- Neo Mega Stompers- Glacier

Gems: Evie’s Closet- Lumina Mermaid ( Modded)

Tail: Lemon Tea- Short Hair Neko Tail