Strawberry Flavored Noms
Lemon Supreme

So the outfit I put together is based on my pie and dessert preferences. I. Love. Lemon. I’m not sure when or where it started. Maybe it’s the tartness mixed with the sweet, or how refreshing lemon sweets seem, but I love Lemon. I think out of them all it has got to be Lemon Supreme Pie. You got that puckery pie goo with a layer of smooth cream cheese glop and man such a wonderful mixture~!  So how would you dress up your favorite Dessert?

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: Love Soul- Hair 081- Strawberry

Eyes: Candy Mountain- Dew- Silence

Makeup 1: My Uglydorothy- Lovely Liner- 05

Makeup 2: Chelle- Dusty- Bumblebee

Makeup 3: Chelle- Everyday Blush

Makeup 4: The Sugar Garden- Angel Lips- Orange Crush

Ribbon: Dela- Lana ( modded off)

Shirt/Collar: G Field- Silky Charlotte- White

Tie: Honey Kitty- Sugar Blouse 2- white

Sweater: BCC- Chuchu Sweater- Lemon

Cuffs: Whippet & Buck- Simple Polished Cuff

Skirt: Amerie- Airy Skirt- 04

Bloomers: Edelweiss- Irie- White

Socks 1: Bare Rose- T.L.O.R

Socks 2: Katat0nik- Strawberry Milk Socks- Candy Yellow

Shoes: Dark Midday Designs- Chubbits Lolita Shoes

Ears: Epic- Fantasy Faun Ears- Plain Black

Tail: Mutation Industries- Catperson- Black

Hands: The Sugar Garden