Strawberry Flavored Noms
Here comes Suzie Snowflake

I took another lookie-lou around the Arcade today ( I was FINALLY actually able to set foot in the sim) and actually won one thing I had my heart set on as soon as I saw it. BCC’s pink hat hair~. I had to do alot of thinking when it came to the colors of the hat itself though, outside of fantasy I don’t usually do Blue and White.  But this is another case where FLF came to the rescue months earlier when Tee*Fy released their Cloudy Layers Leggins and the rest just kind of fell into place. So here is a little advice, if you see an item that you tilt you head at and go hrm at, it’s usually a good idea to get it because SOMETHING is bound to pop up that makes you go “Ah-Ha!”

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: BCC- Juliet Hair- Pink

Eyes: Sugarpill- Isense- Shadow

Makeup 1: Rozena- Misty eye shadow- Water

Makeup 2: My Uglydorothy- Lovely Liner- 05

Makeup 3: Ni.ju- Hime-yu- Blush

Makeup 4: The Sugar Garden- Angel Lips- Orange Crush

Scarf: Boho Hobo- Scarf- Teal

Coat: LE:MON- Nubim Padded Coat- Ice

Pants: Tee*Fy- Cloud Layer leggings- Grey Sky

Boots: G Field- Long Cuff Boats Will- Ivory

Tail: Mutation Industries- Cat Person- Black

Hands: The Sugar Garden