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The other day the Arcade opened it’s gacha event, while I wasn’t able to get in, I did however ninja myself close enough from the next sim over to get a few things. One being the hat I’m wearing, at the time I didn’t know what I would match it to, the answer came the next day in the form of Nani Soulstar owner of NS, she pointed me out to her MP and even sent me her cute girl outfit ( Which I’m using parts of~) ,her shop definitely worth a look!   Outfit time!

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: Wasabi Pills- Ryoko- Seafoam (Tinted)

Eyes: Dead Apples- Nebula- Candy

Face Gem: Star by Tomo Weezles

Makeup 1: Ni.ju- Color Enhanced Eyeliner- Vita

Makeup 2: The Secret Hideout- Glitter Fawn

Makeup 3: Chelle- Moscato Kisses- Lipstain F

Makeup 4: Chelle- Everyday Blush

Makeup 5: The Sugar Garden- Angel Lips- Orange Crush

Cupcakes: Love Soul- Hair Accessories 2

Whipcream: Little Glass Wish- Modded from Sweetheart Face charms by Serenity Semple

Star: Modded from Candy Mountain Hoodie

Hat: Miamai- Bear Hat- Pink (The Arcade Gacha event)

Scarf/Neckalce: Bare Rose- Messyu Decora

Sweater: Jane- Melody Cardigan- Golden

Tank 1: DP YumYum- Simple Tank- White

Tank 2: Winter Moon- Sticky Fairy (Closed)

Shorts/Headphones: NS- Cute Girl

Socks: Honey Kitty- Thin Border Socks- Yellow

Shoes: Blueberry- Knee High Sneakers- Pink

Tail: Mutation Industries- Cat Person- Black

Hands: The Sugar Garden

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