Strawberry Flavored Noms
Greed Personified

 So going through my older outfits, I noticed I never actually posted this outfit. When I put it together I had been watching people playing Dante’s Inferno ( truthfully a long time after it was released….I’m so slow) and really thought their version of Greed demon’s were pretty cool as well as freaking hard to beat. So I had put together my own Greed personification, which I think with the passing Friday, works really well. I think a facebook meme/quote said it best Only in America can you one day be thankful for all the things you have, then the day after push and shove others  so you can get even more things. It’s such a sad sad tradition that the big companies and TV encourage. Either way, on to the outfit!

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Chloe- Zissis

Hair: Wasabi Pills- Brigette- Sea Foam (tinted)

Eyes: Sugarpill- iBauble- Gold

Makeup 1: Suicidal Unborn- Add on Your Face- 09

Makeup 2: Chelle- Everyday Blush

Makeup 3: The Sugar Garden- Angel Lips- Orange Crush

Piercing: Ni.ju- Poporue

Wings: Illusions- Demon Wings

Head Dress: Bare Rose- Raven Chick (Tinted)

Collar: Violent Seduction- Larceny- Monochrome (Tinted)

Shirt: Honey Kitty-  Favorite Blouse- Sugar

Suspenders: League- Grand-dad Bracers- Black

Corset: Rosal- Claus Corset- Black (Lightly Modded)

Skirt 1: Violent Seduction- Larceny- Monochrome

Skirt 2: The Black Canary- The Hermit (Modded)

Bloomers: Edelweiss- Irie- Black

Wrists: Little Heaven- Lolita in nightmare- Black (Tinted) (Closed)

Boots: Dilly Dolls- Sonata Boots

Ears: C H I M E R A mall

Tail: Mutation Industries- Cat person- Black

Hands: The Sugar Garden